Warning to spiders and people who like to make pages available offline

Abusive spidering uses my bandwidth, and that costs me any my hosting service money. If you want to save a page for viewing later, save the page you want to see. Please do not download copies of the entire site. The site is available online when you want to see it.

My hosting service has requested that I limit the spidering on the site. I have added a robots.txt to the site. Making pages available offline (using Internet Explorer favourites) is permitted, but you will not be allowed to extend this to pages that are linked to by the current page.

If you use a spider that violates the rules in robots.txt, it will be automatically banned from connecting to the site.

Sorry to have to do things this way, but I want to keep this site working as a resource for everyone, and I cannot do that if abusive spiders keep using my bandwidth like this.